New Year 2019 Launches an E-commerce Store for ‘LGBTQ Community’ in USA

New York, Jan 24, 2019 ( – Ease in Tees kick-starts this New Year 2019 with a launch of a brand-new E-commerce Platform in the USA. But the one thing that sets it apart from the other platforms is its individuality for being dedicated to LGBTQ Community. Thats right, EIT has not only taken a bold step forward but also taken it globally to speak in favor of the community set apart from the society. EIT has chosen the best way to support the LGBTQ, that is to ensure that what they wear, carry and flaunt is exactly their style and done with utmost Pride.

The purpose of this launch is to spread a message that looking down on LGBTQ individuals is unacceptable. Bringing equality to society and in all genders is what EIT looks forward to. So, if there can be numerous E-commerce platforms for the 2 genders, why not a platform dedicated to the third gender? Now their styles will be distinguished with a hint of personalization through this platform.

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Ease In Tees has come up with this e-store loaded with merchandise that is fashionable, trendy and colorful in support of the Rainbow Flag. With numerous designs and patterns in LGBTQ jewellery, LGBTQ apparels, LGBTQ footwear, LGBTQ accessories and health, and beauty products, the complete focus has been in keeping up with the likes and demands of the third gender.

Finally coming up with a surprising offer for their first 100 customers, Ease In Tees is offering an LGBTQ personalized hamper on the first purchase. Guess, EIT is spearheading towards the targeted Community from the get-go.

Source :Ease in Tees

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