New Year New Website: SAMINA Sleep System makes education about healthy sleep easy!

Pasadena, Jan 23, 2019 ( – Dare to dream! As we launch into the New Year of 2019, The North American SAMINA team has created a new website which gracefully supports research and education regarding healthy sleep systems. Today, its clear that the health and wellness community will continue to expand rapidly. Sleep studies have proven that much of our overall health contributes back to the bed which we sleep in.


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SAMINA began and continues to be a company promoting healthy sleep through organic mattresses and sleep products covering every aspect of naturally healthy sleep. The companys humble beginnings started in 1989 in Austria. According to SAMINA founder, Dr. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, he developed the organic mattresses and other SAMINA healthy sleep products to improve the quality of peoples lives with the intent to achieve better sleep and living healthier, fitter, and more successful lives. A renowned sleep psychologist and health expert, hes also the author of bestselling books including Healthy Sleep and Sleep for Youth, Fitness, and Success. Dr. Amann-Jennson has contributed to sleep research by developing healthy sleep products that are effective, eco-friendly and life-changing. His work has been acknowledged by his peers, numerous awards and honorary doctorates for his contributions to sleep medicine research.

The Health Benefits of The SAMINA Sleep System

The SAMINA Sleep System is designed to bring the human body back into its natural alignment. Like the human body, the SAMINA healthy sleep system is built of layers that work in harmony with the body. Thanks to its layered components, the essential conditions are present to fall asleep relaxed, stay asleep and awake refreshed. 

Each one of these uniquely designed layers mimics the function of the body. From the spine straight inward to the muscles and cellular regeneration.  The layers of this luxury sleep system are designed from eco-friendly, non-toxic, organic and metal-free materials. Allowing access to sleep in its most natural form.

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The SAMINA Sleep team invites you to explore the new website at Looking forward to an outstanding New Year where SAMINA can serve the community of people who are passionate about their health and wellness, and ready to learn about new and exciting sleep technologies.

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