Gaush Galore – A New Trend of Simplicity

Mr Deepak Manchanda

New Delhi, Jan 25, 2019 ( – For every woman when it comes to jewelry, they are never satisfied with the number of articles they have and thus are always ready for their next purchase. The reason behind the popularity of jewelry amongst the women is that if teamed up with the correct outfit, it gives a boost to their style statement. However, the only jewelry that woman prefers to wear earlier was the pure jewelry, which was made out of gold, silver, diamonds, or luxurious stone. However, with the change in time, a new trend of modern jewelry or imitation jewelry is emergency, women of all the age group are enjoying wearing these, and such is the reason behind their growing popularity band demand. With such a high demand of fashion jewelry in every market, new brands are emerging on a very high rate and one of the new brands in this line is Gaush Galore – a brand started by Mr. Deepak Manchanda.

On professional grounds, Mr. Deepak Manchanda is working as a class-1 contractor in MCD and also takes private projects but his interest and passion towards jewelry gave him the idea of starting his own venture in the field of jewelry by the name of Gaush Galore. The brand is known for the kind of a design that does not have any unnecessary elements and thus has very clean and finished look. The collection that this brand provided is all curated with the purpose of providing multipurpose jewelry, which can be worn with both Indian, and Western dresses. At present, the collection of Gaush Galore is available on Amazon or through Instagram.

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Source :Mr. Deepak Manchanda

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