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Bladensburg, Jan 25, 2019 ( – Theres something about the moment that brings out the philosopher in all of us. The situations that make us feel that way vary from one to one yet one thing that we music lovers share is a chilling background music that actually defines such unconditional moments. Spotify music streaming site this season are all set with the coolest remix produced by Jake Vicious, the jersey-born musician and producer. The remix Gods Gift has its different versions and this is the one where Jake has teamed up with the LGBTQ powerhouses Jen Miller and Stasney Mav. This chill electronic jam truly defines the extraordinary ability of music to entice listeners in a tempting journey.

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Jake is a flourishing usic producer who has formed a strong base in his domain. He is the mind behind the scenes working as a producer and engineer for different celebrity singers. He has also worked with House Studios- the Grammy-award winning production company.

However, his versatile qualities got a way by teaming up with the ravishing singer cum producer Jen Miller the Nashville based independent artist and a social and feminist activist. Further her single God’s Gift (Stasney Mav Remix) reached a new dimension with the exceptional remixing skills by Stasney Mav, the Houston-raised producer who have excellently showed her music-mixing skills in the single. Be it the music score, the free-spirited singing or the soundscape, the Gods Gift will give you every reason to play it over and over again in Spotify. Engage yourself with the three stunners and feel the enchanting vibes of electronic music right now.

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