Hip-Hop Introduces Futuristic Opus with Marvis Zeus’ New Music Video ‘Grown’

Marvis Zeus

Enschede, Jan 25, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Marvis Zeus with his tempting vocal deliverance is making it big on the charts. His rustic take on his musical content and the raw emotional trance in the thematic arrangement of his songs are truly enticing. He experiments with laid back freestyle rap as well as soothing melodies within hip-hops fascinating chord progressions and beats. Although he has many singles to his name, Grown is his best work till date with stirring audience anticipation ready to popularize his content bigger than ever before. His hard-work and honest passion for his music reflect beautifully in his songs like a therapeutic flow of vocal and musical modulations. It is refreshing with a progressive mix of modern presentation.

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Grown is the collective soul-bearer of keeping oneself grounded to the basics. It is about rediscovering oneself with an innate streak of going back to the places where we belong. With the materialistic world has consumed us with extravagant and flashy newness of living standards, we sometimes tend to forget our roots. Grown takes us back to the solace of our hay days when things were simple and elementary. The beauty of Marvis Zeus musical approach is straightforward honesty that makes the audience love his work even more. Grown has an inherent variation of electronic modulations and the leisurely vocal tones of Marvis together producing something that is extremely gripping and tempting. His influences are so distinctly felt in his tunes that it is nearly impossible not to go back for more. Grown is like a respite as well as that energy boost on a sultry afternoon.

Previously, Marvis Zeus has created many other tracks like The Stay and No Attention. But Grown seems to have literally expanded his scope as a musician. With Grown, he has visibly taken his skills to a whole another level altogether. A musicians feat lies in his uninterrupted zest for his work and Marvis Zeus is no far behind. Check out his new age hip-hop style with Grown on YouTube. Follow him on his social handles on Soundcloud and Instagram to support his work and make his name and work a substantial one in the world of music.

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Grown by Marvis Zeus

Source :Marvis Zeus

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