Rising Artist JTRAXX’s Funky New Single ‘FREDO VERSATIL-VAN AK MAMI REMIX’ Is Getting the Fans Hooke

Music Artist  JTRAXX

New York, Jan 25, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – There are many new artists who are making a difference in the lives of the music lovers through their innovative musicality. Aspiring musician JTRAXX is all set to rock the gala with his incredibly vibrant and entertaining track FREDO VERSATIL- VAN AK MAMI REMIX (LOOK BACK AT IT) which is driving the music lovers wild. This incredibly versatile latin trap artist specializes in producing unforgettable musical masterpieces in various music genres. He also owns a production house Trapsny. His music is already viral and streaming on popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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This trap artist JTRAXX who is also known as FREDO VERSATIL has appeared with a mesmerizing track FREDO VERSATIL- VAN AK MAMI REMIX (LOOK BACK AT IT) which is emotionally poignant and carefully arranged track. The lyricism takes you on a short journey which has a resounding level of depth and honesty about it. This music piece is very overwhelming to listen to. The layers of the soundscape and the intricately detailed story-line wash over you in a powerful manner. As an artist, he takes certain elements of hip hop and trap music genre and weaves them together expertly to create something which feels very natural and minimalistic.

As the track gathers momentum, it grows more energetic and the catchy beats and hooks are perfectly capable to hold the attention of the audiences from the fast to the last. The passion and the dedication of JTRAXX towards making music, seeps through his work and set him apart from all others. The refreshing unique ambience and the captivating array of synths and riffs of the track FREDO VERSATIL- VAN AK MAMI REMIX (LOOK BACK AT IT) offer an uplifting and memorable musical experience to the audience. It presents a much-awaited escape in and this flawless production and structure of this track will get any die-hard music fans hooked.

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