Airbnb Management Company Airsorted to Position San Diego as US Hub

San Diego, Jan 28, 2019 ( – Airsorted, the largest Airbnb management company in the world, aims to position San Diego as their US hub. Airsorteds mission is to build a global platform that takes the hassle out of sharing your home while focusing to strengthen the US sharing economy. With offices currently in San Diego and Miami, the company plans to expand across the country within next year.

After recognizing the tremendous potential of San Diego as one of the US largest tourist destinations, Airsorted launched in the city in September 2018. Global Expansion Director, Freddie Blunt explained, San Diego is a very important market for us. The world has caught SoCal-fever and we were so excited to launch our service here in the summer. We manage over 4,000 properties worldwide across 25 cities and we are very proud to offer American hosts a simple way to make extra money. Our custom built technology, slick processes and great relationships with local suppliers allow us to provide the best value service on the market.

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More and more people are finding Airbnb a convenient and easy way to make money from their home. This makes travel and the sharing economy much easier for travellers, property owners and local communities. When you sign up with Airsorted, you decide when the property is available for bookings. Essentially, you rent on your terms. The service is therefore particularly appealing to those looking for flexibility in schedule. Take, for example, one of Airsorteds first American hosts, Rob, a military serviceman spending 6 months of the year on overseas deployment. While overseas, I needed a trustworthy property manager or property management company. Airsorted has done that and more adding that they were excellent in assisting and helping provide insight on turning the most value in my place.

Airsorted also does its best to fully support the service men and women of  San Diego by offering a specialized discount to new military personnel looking to host their homes on Airbnb.

Anyone with a house that is frequently (or permanently) vacant could benefit from Airsorteds service, which is why it has attracted people from all walks of life. Some of the companys top earners include entrepreneurs, flight attendants, nurses and other individuals wanting some extra income while going away on vacation or working abroad.

The company aims to build a more localized tourism approach while promoting San Diego tourists to live and experience an authentic lifestyle during their stays. Being responsible hosts is at the forefront of Airsorteds business. Freddie went on, We care about the communities in which we operate. We think its very important to be good neighbors, which is why we meticulously check all of our guests – were experts at this, managing 1,000s of bookings per month globally. If were not sure that a guest will abide by the house rules and be respectful, we do not accept that guest.

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What sets Airsorted apart from the rest is the fact that they make hosting hassle-free by using technology to build an infrastructure for the sharing community. Their commercial analysts use a customized pricing algorithm to optimize the yield from the clients listing. Airsorteds 360-degree service provides both hosts and their guests with peace of mind as the company will manage the host properties for them. They will take care of everything including restocking of household items, listing creation with professional photography individual account management, laundry and maintenance as well as 24/7 guest support.

Property owners who want to enjoy hassle-free hosting can sign up with Airsorted by checking their property and estimated earnings with the companys pricing calculator. One of Airsorteds property experts will then schedule a convenient time to speak.

If you want to find out more, simply get in touch through our website or reach out to the team directly on 619 728 3588.

About Airsorted

Airsorted is a hosting management platform, founded in 2015 by James Jenkins-Yates and co-founded by Daniel Scott and Tom Jones. Airsorted aims to make home-sharing hassle-free. It has become the leading hosting management platform across the world, with thousands of hosts using the service which lists properties across accommodation booking platforms like Airbnb,, Expedia and HomeAway. To date, Airsorted has organized and managed over $65 million in bookings.

By offering automated technology and 24/7 guest support, Airsorted enables hosts to step back from the day-to-day tasks that accompany home-sharing and maximise the revenue on their property. Airsorted has raised over $9 million so far this year to fuel international expansion and plans to be in 38 cities by the end of 2019. With private accomodation expected to make up nearly 20% of the total global room bookings (or $106 of the total $555 billion pie), Airsorted can tap into a huge potential market and can create a hassle-free hosting experience globally.


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