Groove to the Futuristic Jam Vibes of ‘Metroid Jam Arrange’ by Privileged Victim

Metroid Jam ArrangePrivileged Victim

Stamford, Jan 29, 2019 ( – Social atrocity is best expressed through a musicians perspective on things. Stamford, Connecticut based musician Privileged Victim has put words and tunes on his take on authentic dilemmas of commercialism and the zest of socio-political interests that curb us every day. He describes his genre influence as essentially electronic working along the lines of rock and house music, but his main attempt remains to find futuristic sounds in the modern-day fraternity of music. He recently released his new track, Metroid Jam Arrange, a zesty mix of electronic house-themed sounds with structured and meaningful melodic modulations. The aspect of his music is very different from what we hear in the varied genre versions of the electronic music stream.

Privileged Victim does not abide by the rules of musics unadulterated preferences. He describes his arrangements to be the best of all worlds with a hint of politics playing the impetus to making his music soar high on energy. Some of his tracks like Personal Freedom V State Power, Lost in Gerudo and Reincarnation speak of the liberal and materialistic entrails of the world. He is progressive in a way that defines true intellect and virtue that makes us question the government at every step of our lives.

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Metroid Jam Arrange offers the best innovative qualities of sound mixes and the ethereal house-themed music. Without any lyrical progression, Privileged Victims Metroid Jam Arrange is a profound celebratory saga of urban modernization that makes us want to live and rejoice. There is a certain denotation of conceptual music format that makes his sound so fresh, lively and relatable. If you want to explore this gala of neo-futurism and ethical standards being broken through musical extravaganza, tune into his streams right now on Soundcloud. There is nothing better than good music that rejuvenates your mind and soul for yet another day of dragged existence.

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