Idaho Hip-hop Sensation Yung Note is taking the World by Storm with His Single ‘Ph$ychadelics’

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Idaho Falls, Jan 30, 2019 ( – Hip-hop is in its most celebratory epoch right now as artists are making music out of every influential stanza of sound, experience and much more. Yung Note, a hip-hop artist from Idaho is idealizing the compelling essence of rap with his spontaneous freestyling, drop-dead gorgeous BGM and an arrangement that speaks of raw talent. His song Ph$ychadelics from his album Note is a real-life take on hip-hops ultimate commemoration of hip-hop as a collective entity. His concepts on verses, rhythms and the eccentric style of uber-street display in his pieces make them even more captivating. It is just not the audience but the whole music industry is taking hard notice of Yung Notes exceptional work with positive reviews.

Yung Notes namesake album Note comprises 11 rational songs of various styles of genre influences. Of them, Ph$ychadelics has scored the maximum buzz because of its undulating layers in lyricism and rhythmic balance. Even for someone who is not into mainstream hip-hop, Ph$ychadelics opens the creative angle for a larger audience. It is extremely jovial in its presentation and has an edge of the new-age hip-hop style. Nevertheless, Yung Note has his musicians versatility at his disposal that will create bigger and impactful compositions in the years to come. He is passionate and makes music with a certain flair that makes his songs so very engrossing.

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Yung Note often collaborates with producer Kontrabandz and the entire album Note is their persuasive and tasteful product of hard work. Hip-hop artists sometimes make an impression of too many overlapping fragments in their music but Yung Note places modulations, lyrics and sounds all in the right flavor. His Soundcloud profile is brimming with amazing tracks like Ph$ychadelics, Alien, Cut Throat and many others. Go take a listen and get into the flow of unadulterated hip-hop music right now.


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