New Book Addresses Insomnia Crisis

Toronto, Jan 30, 2019 ( – The incidence of insomnia is skyrocketing, with over one-third of the population reporting sleep difficulties. Historically, pharmaceuticals have been the treatment of choice for insomnia. However, due to unwanted, and potentially harmful, side-effects, researchers have been turning to non-pharmaceutical approaches in an attempt to combat this epidemic of sleeplessness.

In her new book Sleep: The Secrets of Slumber, Toronto Naturopathic Doctor and Author Lisa Varadi provides information on the most current non-pharmaceutical approaches to the treatment of sleep loss. The book also delves into historical perspectives of sleep, the significance of sleep and how a return to restful sleep is possible even in the midst of our hectic modern lives.

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Lisa has over a decade of experience treating insomnia and related sleep disorders. Her first book, The Insomnia Diet, was released in 2010 and discusses the various foods that are essential to achieving a good nights sleep. Her second book, Sleep: The Secrets of Slumber, examines the act of sleep itself and explains how it can be obtained effectively and naturally. Lisa has been featured in a number of publications, the most recent being The Times of London which can be found here.

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Sleep: The Secrets of Slumber is published by:
Quadrille Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 9781787132764
Date of publication: January 24th 2019 (United Kingdom)
Available for purchase here
Date of North American release: March 19th 2019 (Available for pre-order now)

Source :Lisa Varadi ND

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