Artist King YK’s New Song ‘Cant Leave Without It’ Is The Best Blend OF Freestyling And Melodious BGM

King YK  Cant leave without it

New York, Feb 3, 2019 ( – Any music irrespective of its genre accumulates the best popularity when it is relatable. Cant leave without it is the newest hot single on hip-hop charts that is making everyone hum to its tunes. At a glance, we all have an idea about hip-hops quintessential BGM. But with Cant leave without you, it is a different story altogether. As King YK fluently raps along as the song progresses into complete mayhem of lyrical glory about socio-political justifications, the backing music is a fresh new wind of hopeful melody. It is a surprise, so to speak when a hip-hop track incorporates so much beyond its permissible limits of musical independence. However, King YK is redefining these boundaries and working with sounds that although being a misfit in the genre technicalities of collective hip-hop, are recapturing lifes essence.

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There are many artists who sometimes forget the grounded liberties as a musician. As a result, at the end of it all, their songs are only about glamour and superficial magnetism. King YK on the other hand, speaks about the global dilemmas, the shortcomings and the fact that everything is going to be alright. He is a poet and freestylist who brims with honesty in Cant leave without it. A song that does not abide by any rules and explores its full potential through liberal lyricism, musical experimentations with an edgy approach, Cant leave without it is one of a kind. The biggest accomplishment in King YKs songs is that he makes music with the right spirit of audience acceptance. With his fan base growing bigger by the minute, he is sure to go places. His potential is so very conspicuous that in no time will he become yet another revolution and a figure for the mass.

King YK might just be starting out with Cant leave without it but he has so much more to share with the world. And going by the way he is gaining popularity and appreciation, he will surely make it to the top not just as a musician but also as an influencer. Keep his spirits up by listening to this incredible song on YouTube right now!

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