Hip-Hop Music is Being Refined with Rapper NAM Leon’s Hot New Track ‘ENEMIES’


Detroit, Feb 4, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Michigan rapper NAM Leon is taking the world by storm with his potential as a musician. He recently dropped a new track ENEMIES featuring fellow artist ADI which is reformulating the hip-hop scene with a whole new vibe. Hip-hop has come a long way as one of the most revolutionary forms of musical expressions. NAM Leons sound follows the classic influences of the genre while incorporating newer rhythmic distortions like a fresh wave of tonal surprise. All of 17, he comes with a bang on potential to really climb the success ladder of musics dynamic spectrum.

Even though he is very young, he is a hip-hop prodigy, singing and rapping along the upbeat motions of his song ENEMIES. His motivation and inspiration that he has imbibed from other musicians of the hip-hop realm reflect profoundly in his arrangements. Beautiful yet progressive, ENEMIES has a way of getting the audience to hum along the song in an instant. NAM Leon is focused on making his music stand out. He may be all of 17 but he already has an album, Authentic to his name, a collection of trappy and upbeat music that ad to the celebration of him as a musician. Some of his other songs like resolution., famous and one man are truly inspiring in its music and lyrics.

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He is just getting his long-deserved recognition and a steady fan base; something that will kick start his music career with a whole new speed. With ENEMIES, he is just getting started and has much more creativity to deliver. This Michigan rapper comes with an enthusiasm that will give hip-hop a new edge altogether. If you want to be a part of this enormous celebration of culture, life, and creativity, follow him on his social handles on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud and more right now!

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