Inwara, the leading cryptocurrency data provider is contemplating a Securitized Token Offering (STO)

New Brunswick, Feb 4, 2019 ( – Leader in STO, ICO, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency Data, Inwara is trusted, accurate and verified data preferred by capital markets, industry and service providers.

Established in 2017, Inwara has quickly become the data provider of choice for investors and other market participants in the cryptocurrency space. Inwara offers data and analysis across over 4000 ICOs, almost all STOs launched till date, Private funding rounds, Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture capitalists, Cryptocurrency exchanges, Key management personnel and Service providers.

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Hailed as the Morningstar of the cryptocurrency space, Inwara has taken strong strides in terms of client growth, market reach and enriching subscription content. As a part of their ongoing growth strategy, Inwara is contemplating launching a securitized token offering in 2019.

As the industry is evolving, 2018 witnessed an increasing number of STOs as the there are over 60% STOs that are either active or upcoming. Also, the companies intending to raise funds are starting to realize that the interests of a sophisticated and/or accredited investors and funds are more inclined towards security tokens instead of utility tokens, due to values possessed by the security tokens.

Inwara, has been looking at various token standards such as Ethereums ERC 20 which is dominating the space with 68% token adoption by STOs. Also under consideration is Polymath, one of the first companies to bolster the notion of STOs takes the next biggest share of 23% with its ST-20 token standard. The company also has been watching closely the evolution of other upcoming tokens such as Securitize.

October 2018 has seen the most number of STOs. Inwara has noticed a shift from ICOs to STOs which is largely driven due to the recent bottoming of the retail market (both Bitcoin and Ethereum) and softening demand from retail investors for ICOs.

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In its latest annual report, Inwara database had covered over 2200 ICO main sales, over 1200 ICO pre sales, 300+ STOs and over 2000 investors. With comprehensive coverage and thought leadership, Inwara is poised for the next stage of growth in the cryptocurrency space. Though 2018 was a dismal year, 2019 is looking promising. Concerns on practical use cases, adoption, security, and transparency are well addressed to. Investors have pumped millions of dollars into projects that support the issuance, exchange, and custody of security tokens. The STO ecosystem has established players across its value chain namely Issuance, Broker-Dealers, Custody & Trust, Legal and Compliance and Listing and Trading.

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