Subject Matter in the Track ‘Barz’ by HaveTo is Beautifully Crafted


Virginia Beach, Feb 4, 2019 ( – HaveTo is a self-proclaimed blue-collar gangsta rapper, with skills such as steady flow, well-constructed bars. In his tracks, he brings a change with mumble rap trend. On stage, he gives high energy and interactive performance that keeps the crowd rocking. He is the first artist under Starr Magnet Entertaiment Inc.. His music in Barz is directed towards pure hip-hop enthusiast who loves the culture of hip-hop. The creation is crisp and colorful in an entirely fresh way. The creativity seems endless and with every new listen this entire track becomes more and more impressive as well as enjoyable.

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The bass hits hard and the beat in the track Barz by HaveTo are insanely addictive. The leading voice and his ideas are fairly flawless. The rhythm and delicate bounce of the music has a certain gracefulness which works brilliantly. The lyrics in Barz develop more and more remarkable as the song evolves the concept moves through complexity to brightness. The instrumentation behind the song is an integral part of what makes it work so well. The song Barz works hard structurally to keep things moving and to make sure every moment.

Every idea in the track Barz by HaveTo is presented as strongly as possible. The overall outcome of the track lingers in the mind of the listeners for a larger period of time. The contrast between the moments and the verses are brilliant. The lyricism is interesting and unapologetically honest. You can also get more updates about his upcoming music and latest events by simply following HaveTo on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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