Unistal Launches Protegent Enterprise Security Solution/Activity Reporter to Enhance Data Security

Protegent Enterprise Security SolutionActivity Reporter

New Delhi, Feb 4, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd., the developer and provider of Antivirus, data care, data recovery and data security software, has launched Protegent Enterprise Security Solution/Activity Reporter with an aim to provide high-level security for SMEs and large enterprises.

This software is also helpful for organizations in complying with GDPR norms by keeping track of the employees activities and monitoring all the connected devices in the network.

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Alok Gupta, Co-founder and Managing Director at Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. said, Nowadays, data has become one of the most important aspects for any company and it is a challenge for them to keep it safe and secure. With our product, enterprises can actively monitor all the connected devices in a network. Activity Reporter also gives the administrator the choice to see the screen of the users system with just a single click. Its unique features will act as a foil for anyone who wishes to do any fraudulent activity in the organization

Activity Reporter is an effective employee performance monitoring software, which captures the data on employees active and idle time during the office hours. This software will make it easier for the HR department to ensure that the corporate costs spent on employees are not wasted. The software will also help management to better understand each employees strengths & weaknesses and eradicate the unproductive behaviour.

Activity Reporter software will help companies in tracking all the activities of the associated connected devices in a network. Activity Reporters modules such as app monitoring, visited website logs, user time, app time, clipboard, file transfer, chat, folder, image, internet, outlook, keystrokes and information about internet usage will help organizations in getting information from the employees connected systems. This software also helps the employer to know the productivity of employees and improve the business growth aspects.

The salient features of Protegent Enterprise Security /Activity Reporter include;

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Activity Reporter consists of various modules which give the administrator distinct choices and levels of monitoring the connected system. These modules are,

  • App Monitoring Captures all the activity performed on a particular application.
  • Visited Websites Shows the log of all visited websites on the current day and previous dates.
  • User Time Shows the log of working hours and idle time spent by the user. Also, it generates a complete activity report w.r.t. user login in case if multiple users are working on the same system.
  • App time – With the help of the application monitor, time logs can be maintained for any specific application.
  • Clip Board – Captures the content on the clipboard.
  • File Transfer Shows the file transfer location on the drive.
  • Chat -Captures ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP chats.
  • Folder Shows the full activity report of the selected folder.
  • Image – Takes screenshot within the specified time interval or on every mouse click.
  • Internet -Captures all internet activities with features of Blacklist and Whitelist,
    • Blacklist: Applications that are added will be captured and are visible in an alert.
    • Whitelist: Applications that are added will not be captured.
  • Outlook View mail content details like text body, subject line, To, CC, BCC and attachment name.
  • Keystrokes Captures all keystrokes with case sensitivity including non-printable characters and Intercepts DOS-box and Java-chat keystrokes.

About Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in data recovery software & services, data care, security solution & services provider since 1994. Companys highly differentiated Data Recovery applications have a global footprint of 1.2 million user licenses in more than 35 countries. Some of Unistal’s most famous software products include Protegent Antivirus, Protegent Total Security, Protegent 360, Quick Recovery, Data Wipe, Locate Laptop, Port Locker, PC Reporter, Crash Proof and many more.

Unistal serves the world’s leading companies, corporates, government offices, including the Indian Prime Ministers Office. For more information, visit www.Unistal.in.

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