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Team MoonX

London, Feb 6, 2019 ( – The industrial scale application of EOS is currently the hottest topic of discussion among blockchain enthusiasts and this Geneva-based blockchain development company is stepping up to further its outreach among developers. MoonX, which boasts of its platform efficiency in terms of computational power and speed has enough material to back the claim. Uncompromising research & editorial team is unarguably the core strength of MoonX, the arms of which are tasked with creating awareness on the immense capabilities of EOS. Its also a known fact that the long-term success of a technology product depends on the skilfulness of its developers, and MoonX stands by the view in its true sense.

The company invests primarily in research and engineering, which are the two main factors when it comes to defining organizational success. The culture of MoonX is centered around innovation that makes way for providing cutting-edge technology products. The fun, perks and team spirit are few of the reasons that make MoonX an infectiously energetic workplace.

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Engineering culture is a term that has gained popularity these days. In simple terms, engineering culture is the sum of all the activities which determine the performance of a product or technology. It starts with shared ideas, values, and the approach to solving problems on a day-to-day basis. MoonX strongly believes that culture and values have a profound impact on the performance of people within the organization. We ensure a great engineering culture in MoonX to achieve our vision of building the worlds truly decentralized ownership exchange, says Nithin Palavalli, CEO of MoonX.

MoonX became one of the supernodes of EOS in Nov 2018 and has since been focused on promoting Decentralized Applications (DAPP) through community building programs in South Asia. In the first phase of EOS promotion, MoonX has entered the Indian market which has enormous potential in terms of resources. The blockchain service provider conducts hackathons and tech events with an aim to harness the potential of blockchain technology in developing solutions to real-world problems. MoonX will also encourage bounty programs and airdrops to drive the concept of decentralization and promote the EOS platform.

MoonX is known for its strong presence in blockchain communities including social media platforms such as Telegram. On a regular basis, the company publishes original articles and video content for spreading awareness of EOS among the community members. In addition to this, members of the technology team participate in blockchain meetups and events to promote EOS, and to bring in fresh talent to the EOS ecosystem.

MoonX, the worlds fastest and safest exchange with decentralized ownership, campaigns for one of the 21 SuperNodes of EOS. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, MoonX offers a highly secure, useful and easy-to-use product based on the private blockchain. MoonX has raised 29 million dollars in funding within a short period of time and is supported by BCH, DHVC, Fission Capital, PreAngel, NGC, Ledger Capital, Node Capital, DU Capital, NEO, Badwater Capital, and other investment institutions.

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