Newest Country-Rock Fusion Track ‘Country Class’ by Kaleigh Vibes of Self-Empowerment

Country Class

Los Angeles, Feb 7, 2019 ( – Singer-songwriter and actress Kaleigh, whose real name is Kaleigh Ann Krause is known for her gifted capability of creating country music. She balances her acting career along with her college career but her passion for music stands out the most. Each of her tracks focuses on something important which the artist wants the audience to realise through her music. Her newest composition Country Class tells the story of love that is restricted by various conditions. Using her production house GKS Records she lets her imagination bloom.

In her track Country Class  Kaleigh takes the inspiration from her personal life.  The track is so easy to vibe to, that it hardly requires any effort. She isnt like those other pop stars, who would create music for the sake of fame.  And that is clearly understood by the level of intensity she has shown in Country Class. The soundscape of the track is beyond anything you have heard before. The primary instrument to this track is a guitar which is accompanied by sinful musical mix up. Soft piano lines are incorporated to soothe the mood of the listeners.

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Two of Kaleighs other tracks for which she is known for are Fading and Twisted//Mistaken. Each of these tracks has their videos which are now available on YouTube.  The artist challenges herself every day by bringing something new for the audience. Her artistic abilities can be analysed with her on growing followers in her Instagram account. It can be said that Country Class keeps the audience hoping for more new singles.

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