Biographical Accounts Reveal Startling Truths about the Atlantic Slave Trade

Baton Rouge, Feb 7, 2019 ( – University counselor turned author, Marian Olivia Heath Griffin, traces her familys lineage back to the slave trade in an effort to shed light on an otherwise dark past in her book, “Cultural Gumbo, Our Roots, Our Stories. The discussion on slavery often leaves out the human element the individual stories that come to form the greater narrative arc of this political issue.

This book attempts to do just that, piecing together the life of four families the families of the authors parents and her husbands parents during the colonial era. Intricately researched, Griffin interviewed some of her relatives who have been part of the Atlantic slave trade. These biographical accounts paint a picture of survival and resilience. Having been subjected to years of struggle and fear, the hope of these families for freedom only grew stronger.

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Griffins interest in African studies and her own familys history started when she was still in college. She was constantly asking questions about her racial ancestry from her African-American friends on campus. Ultimately, it was Jonah who hails from Morocco that convinced Griffin to take her interest seriously. This was when she started investing in books and maps.

Cultural Gumbo, Our Roots, Our Stories aims to empower the younger generation by reminding them of their shared heritage and the injustices their ancestors had to contend with to gain their rights and privileges.


Cultural Gumbo, Our Roots, Our Stories

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Marian Heath Griffin is a Licensed Professional Counselor from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For the past four decades, she has been an administrator at Southern University Baton Rouge. She earned her bachelors degree in sociology and psychology from Delaware State University and her masters in psychological counseling from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. During her downtime, she serves as a musician for the Cherubim Choirs and organizes childrens choirs in various churches.

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