Nicholas Morley – A Sensation in the World of Architecture

Breaston, Feb 8, 2019 ( – Nicholas Morley is one of the eminent names related to the field of architecture in the United Kingdom. He has accomplished numerous architectural projects that are astonishing and acts as sources of motivation for many architects. In addition, his journey of becoming a renowned personality in the field of architecture is completely awe-inspiring.

Educational Journey

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From a young age, Nicholas has the determination and courage to pursue things he likes the most. After the successful completion of his school education, Mr. Nicholas got a graduation degree from Manchester University in 1992. At this time, his mind was clear about what he wants to achieve in his life. Consequently, he joined Bath University and pursued a Bachelor degree in Architecture. In the year 1994, he successfully completed Part 3 professional examinations, which is necessary to become an architect in the UK. Additionally, he displayed his competency by becoming a member of the Royal Institute of British Architecture in 1997.

Nicholas as Charter Architect

Nicholas has an extensive working experience of 18 years as a Charter Architect. During this time, he has accomplished numerous projects. His areas of specialization include residential extensions, refurbishments, and conversions. He worked with various consultancies and has gained immense knowledge regarding the practices and techniques employed in architectural planning. Nicholas Morley is an inquisitive person who always keeps a track of the latest trends in architecture in order to keep himself up-to-date.

Almost all the clients of Nick admire the skill-set he possesses and the perseverance with which he works on assignments. No matter the scale of the project, he is ready to offer his services that are completely cost-effective and satisfies the particular needs of the clients. He loves his work and thrives to give maximum each time he gets involved in a project.

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Nicholas Morley Architects

After working in the industry for almost 10 years, Nick has utilized his experience and resources to create his own architectural firm in 2008, which goes by the name of Nicholas Morley Architects. The company offers a full range of services not only to private clients but also to the real-estate developers. In fact, the key motive of Nicholas behind setting up his architecture firm is to deliver top-quality services to customers. Pertaining to Nicholas Morley Architects, it currently has offices in two cities namely, Bristol and Bath.

Services Offered by Nicholas Firm

The architectural firm owned by Mr. Nicholas Morley works on his principles and ideology. The firm is capable to offer a wide range of architectural services to clients that are mentioned below:

  • Development appraisals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual/sketch scheme designs
  • Planning applications
  • Construction/working drawings
  • Masterplanning
  • Listed buildings and conservation area consents
  • Building regulations applications
  • Planning appeals
  • Site inspections and project monitoring

Furthermore, the company is also a leading provider of architecture certificates, measured surveys, topographic surveys, and 3D visualizations.

Notable Projects

Till now, Nicholas has engaged and successfully finished a broad selection of projects. He always utilizes his wit and technical knowledge to achieve all the objectives of a project in an effective manner. Some of his notable projects are as follows:

  • Rotary Court, Hampton Court, London

The project involved the conversion of an old maternity hospital into 14 contemporary apartments.

  • Northpoint Camden Road, London NW1

For this site, Nick did an enormous task of Masterplanning, designing, and preparation of full working drawings of a combination of 148 houses and apartments.

  • Holwood Estate, Keston, Kent

The Holwood estate holds a great significance regarding geophysical studies. Mr. Nicholas Morley has designed the layout for 16 houses that were located in the courtyard near the main seismographic site.

  • Bristol North Baths

Another major project undertaken and implemented successfully by Nicholas Morley was the refurbishment of Bristol North Baths. The old building is a grade 2 listed building and has refurbished into a Health centre by Nick.

  • Weston Lane, Bath

Drawings regarding a sophisticated brand new house were created by Nicholas Morley architects and the construction of the residence is currently under progress.

Key Traits of Nick

Everyone knows that success doesnt come easy and for a person to reach new heights of success, a lot of hard work and dedication is required. Nicholas is a person who agrees with the fact and his consistent efforts have led him to become the idol of many newcomers.

Nick is highly praised by his clients for the detailed designs that he creates along with organizing the space of the site effectively. One more thing that Nicks clientele likes about him the most is that he offers cost-effective services. Nick believes that his main motive is to make people happy by assisting them in creating their dream house, building complex, office, etc.

A key trait that Nick possesses and wasnt completely exploited until he opened his own firm is his leadership quality. He knows every trick in the book when it comes to fulfilling the roles of a true leader. He not only directs his firm while working on a project but also contributes a significant amount of effort in making those projects a reality.

Furthermore, he is conscious of developing and polishing the work-related skills of all his team members. He urges to make his team capable of delivering top-notch architectural services to customers that approach them.

Achievements of Nicholas Morley

Masterplanning projects are of high significance for an architect. These projects hold high importance not only due to the scale of work involved but also due to their complexity level. Nicholas has been involved in a number of Masterplanning projects in the UK that displays elegance of his work-style. Moreover, his experience and skills have led him to acquire the Masterplanning project regarding phase IV Braydon Mead Development. The project involves a full designing and working drawing package of 170 houses.

Nicholas Morley efforts are recognized on a large scale and he is also an award-winning architect. He has been honored with the 2011 Evening Standard New Home Award for his outstanding work of converting the Old Winchester Library into 14 luxury apartments.

About Nicholas Morley

Nicholas Morley is immensely passionate about his work. When it comes to designing 3-D Visualisations, Construction or Working Drawings, Development Appraisals, Planning Enforcement Resolution, Conceptual or Sketch Scheme Designs, he leaves no error. He is truly a genius in the field of architecture. He believes in creating startling and brilliant designs.

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