“Nothing is Impossible” in Life Coach’s Debut Book

La Vista, Feb 7, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Author and life coach, Corwin Morton III M.D., shares his message of hope and resilience in his debut book, Self Belief and No Boundaries. His cardinal rule to see the beauty in everything regardless of how dire the situation may be has not faded regardless of age and time. He believes that his readers can achieve more for as long as they continue to push through and find the will to do it.

Inspired by Mortons own life, the book is a walkthrough of challenging experiences and how the author has overcome struggles. By sharing what he has been through, he hopes that he can help a lot of individuals who are in the same situation and learn how to cope with their problems.

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Morton observes that mankind finds it difficult to learn from the mistakes of the past and we continually create more problems than we can solve. In the book, he wants to impress on his readers that truly nothing is impossible especially if his life story is to be believed. He says that these nuggets of wisdom are essentially the same things that parents tell their young kids. He reminds his readers that the best pieces of advice are the basic ones. The in-page uplifting messages truly resonated with an Amazon reader commending Morton for a very interesting story and that he applaud[s] him for his efforts.


Self Belief and No Boundaries

Corwin Morton III M.D.

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About the Author

Corwin Morton III M.D. was born in the town of Falls City, Nebraska. At 56, he has seen a lot of good and bad things happen in the world, and he is happy to report that he has survived them all. Being a positive influencer with a can-do attitude, he invites readers to reshape their mindset with this book.

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