RealEstateU Updates New York Real Estate Licensing Coursework

Aventura, Feb 7, 2019 ( – Online education is more popular than ever, and many professionals are now able to expand their licensing and knowledge by taking online courses. Real estate agents that have been seeking out how to become a real estate agent in NY now have updated course options available at one of the largest online real estate education websites in the country.

RealEstateU, a site that offers real estate licensing courses for New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, Texas, and several other states, has updated their courses for 2019. With each New Year comes new laws and requirements in the real estate realm, and 2019 is no different. New York, among other states, has updated their real estate licensing laws and companies that offer courses need to keep up with these changes.

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Working in conjunction with state real estate board members and real estate agents in the various states, RealEstateU has made the appropriate updates to their coursework and any classes that they offer online. Their commitment to their students has led them to keep their courses fresh, and their latest updates to their course offerings now match what is required by each state, including New York State, as of the 1st of January, 2019.

Founded in 2013, RealEstateU is a leader in the world of online real estate licensing courses, allowing professionals that wish to obtain a real estate license to do so with flexible schedules and affordable courses. Every course from RealEstateU is designed to be accessible and to prepare future agents for state exams. If you need more information related to RealEstateU and how to become a real estate agent in NY, or you wish to speak with a representative, you can do all of that at their website, which is found at

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