Renowned Artist Ajay Aman Rekhi’s Music Video ‘I Wanna Go Home’ has Captivating Lyrics

I Wanna Go Home by Ajay Aman Rekhi

Brampton, Feb 8, 2019 ( – Ajay Aman Rekhi is one of the recognized singer, and composer in the music world.  Lyrically his tracks begin with a quick succession of lines. His new music video I Wanna Go Home has amazing music and also has the essence of the Pop genre. In this music video, he talks about unlucky ones who miss being at the home. The way he used the words and made the video one can feel the pain of those unfortunate ones. The track hook is where the title idea comes into play. The performance throughout the track is brilliant.  Ajay Aman Rekhis track I Wanna Go Home has a stunning voice and appealing level of confidence which captivates the listeners in every way. There is a stunning progression of the melody within the track.

Ajay Aman Rekhi took his career to a new height with this new release.  All the elements in the track I Wanna Go Home work beautifully and build something that is magnetic and mighty that surrounds the listeners. The track captures the listeners affection for the long term. The melody in the music video I Wanna Go Home is simple yet effective. The soundscape within the track is delicate and dreamlike ambiance. Music within his track is fairly quiet and thoughtful. This is a wonderful music video which stands tall for its music and concept. This music video has some melodious beats and some captivating vocal works that suit the overall vibe perfectly. The hook within Ajay Aman Rekhis track I Wanna Go Home works well to resolve the development of the melody.

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The whole thing in Ajay Aman Rekhis music video I Wanna Go Home introduces his creative work in a memorable and enjoyable way. The track artistically represents its core principle and underlying sentiments in each and every possible manner. The track I Wanna Go Home has fresh, thick and mellow beats which make it different from other tracks. The layer within the music videos falls away and the voice guides the listeners through. Here, the music is only crafted with a fine fusion of creativity and professionalism. To watch this music video all you need to do is to visit the popular site YouTube and also listen to Ajay Aman Rekhis songs on Soundcloud. You can get more updates about his upcoming music videos and events by following him on Twitter.

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I Wanna Go Home

Source :Ajay Aman Rekhi

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