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Melbourne, Feb 8, 2019 ( – The chances of Alien Invasion.
Jarrod A. Freeman (CEO Of Triptekt Productions)
Jarrod A. Freeman, Aka Spicy Ice
Written from No Science, Space and No Studies( NSNS)

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The chances of an alien invasion is Slim rather then Factual, The inhabitants that we should foresee or theorise on Mars is chanced from 1 in 1,000,000, Because either Humanoids or a Bacterial or Parasitic such as Water Bear that colonise the atmosphere of Mars is either unimaginable but also Hypothetical.
If there was to be Any bacterial forms in mars they would be in the Ice or near water so I would not drink the water. However. Millions of galaxies float around. Casually. Where as Our solar system is indefinitely uninhabited due to the lack of fundamental localities of an actual appearance. Well that we can see.

Aliens from out of space like visitors is still dim. We would of detected them via Telescopes and orbiting ISS (International Space Station) and that Hubble Scope as well as astronomers contribution. Aliens are probably out of the question. However We should worry about Andromeda slamming into us. But that is a long way away. Literally. So unless the galaxy somehow disrupts inside itself and just splits then we will be okay.
But. Rest assured Andromeda is 4 Billion years away from us. So on the bright side if it slammed into us and form a Super Galaxy or a Double black hole or just a black hole. No one really does not know for sure.
But I do know for sure Aliens did not build the Pyramids, In the un timing of an event of such destruction to our O-Zone layer the Aliens could come in on meteorites with out or knowledge but if we did not have an O-Zone we would be fried or burnt to crisp from being exposed to heat and Solar flares. So thats kind of a double negative.
Aliens and invasions have been theorised for years. So our search to find some form of life beyond ours is exciting but challenging. Because these times. There is no evidence of Aliens and any Martians from Mars which to a point would be awesome but if we were to be visited the events would be in Three conclusions.
1. Hostile
2. Make friends
3. Observed.

Number one is just Aliens blasting us and taking dominance for Resources. Number 3 Is them making friends. But if they were to he a superior race and saw we have faults in technology they would easily laser us to bit. If they were an advanced race. Because if they were in space then they must really good infra red technology that makes it invisible to the naked eye. And 3. If they visited us to observe us well we would be blessed or cursed.

So in theory. Still to this day NO EVIDENCE that concludes science and factual grounds. So Aliens do not exist as little humans. But as bacterial forms that multiply in a drop of water would be possible if the Aliens are not frozen in Ice on mars.



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