Alone we are strong, together we are unbeatable by Riccardo Lex

Riccardo Lex

Los Angeles, Feb 10, 2019 ( – Riccardo Lex talks about his career and how it led him directly to his greatest joy in life! In his own words he said “I have tried a lot of things in my career before finding my real passion and I am beyond happy that I went down that path, because during that time I have not only met the love of my life, but it also turned out that this woman is the best working partner I could ever ask for”.

Many people believe that relationship and business are two different pairs of shoes. But in fact, if your relationship isnt going well your business is also not going well. Thats because your better half will always exert significant influence over every part in your life.

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A few years ago I attended a business meeting. There I have met a woman, who is now my wife. We were sharing the same interests, worked on the same business and completed each other in such a special way that we have lifted each other up day by day. Nowadays we are working on our own business sharing the same passion.

Of course, it may not always be easy working together. But according to Riccardo, there could be no better team than you and your better half in all respects. You are sharing your whole life with your partner, so why not also share your business with each other? You can lift each other up, share your ideas, motivate each other to the better and overall, you are chasing the same dream together!

Lex is literally living the dream! Together with his wife, he is building his own empire.
But there is very important advice that Riccardo wants to share with you. If you work together with your spouse, make sure to separate business-time and relationship-time as well as possible. Its not the same thing. Take your time to work on your relationship and enjoy each other. Only with a good relationship, you can achieve good results for your business.

Riccardo Lex definitely cant complain. His road to success led him directly to his beautiful wife. Together they are working on their own business, supporting each other day by day. Hard work pays off I think this is the best example. I definitely believe that a couple that works together, stays together. We created a lifestyle that makes us more than happy and we are very proud of all the things we have already achieved.

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