Boston Towing Supreme Presents 5 Safety Powerful Driving Tips for Snow and Icy Weather

Safe driving tips in winter from Boston Towing Supreme

Boston, Feb 10, 2019 ( – Ice, snow and slushy driving translate to accidents in Boston cold weather months, so here are 5 powerful safety tips courtesy Boston Towing Supreme, designed to prevent roadway mishaps.

Boston winter safety tip #1: Tire tread matters especially when the roads get wet. Boston towing experts agree that tread should be 6/32 of an inch, and if you aren’t sure about your own thread it’s a great idea to have this checked. Plus use your own hands, place it on the tire. If it feels bald, it’s not safe for winter driving. A new tire generally starts life with 10/32-inch of tread. 

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Boston winter safety tip #2: Turn your lights on. This is such an easy thing to do that people overlook how much it might help, especially if your car starts misbehaving. The lights alert other cars on the road that you are around. Keep the lights on 24-7 when driving in stormy weather. Just don’t forget to turn them off, or you might need to call Boston Towing Supreme to jump-start your battery! Especially when you go to the mall or the gym, where you might be there a few hours. Put a reminder in place “lights on” with a sticky note if it helps.

Boston winter driving safety tip #3:  Stop slowly, go slowly, accelerate slowly… you get it! Do everything slowly in a storm. It’s easy to jump fast when you’re worried. Slow works a lot better. The following distance in a storm is generally about four seconds, double it in icy or rainy conditions. Allow more space between vehicles.

Boston winter driving safety tip #4: Test stop. Make sure you have control of stopping. Test stop a few times right at your home, right in front. If you can’t stop then don’t go anywhere. Safety first.  Plus, be sure to clear the snow and ice from your car windows before you start driving.

Boston winter driving safety tip #5: Charge your cell phone before you go out, and pre-set phone numbers you might need in an emergency. This is really good advice for any weather. Beyond 9-1-1, pre-set your main family members or significant others that need to know if you are in an accident. Pre-set with your go-to towing company for towing in the event you need it. And if you live alone and have no relatives, but have a pet, you might want to pre-set with the phone number of a neighbor so that you can get help for your pets in the event of a longer-term accident. 

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Driving in Boston in the winter can be dicy on the turnarounds, so take your time and make sure your tire tread is thick. Stay calm! Winter doesn’t go on forever. Be sure to call Boston Towing Supreme if you do need a tow. Weather happens.

Drive safe in winter storms from TowingServicesBostoncom

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