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La Verne, Feb 8, 2019 ( – Allen Horner aka The P.I. Man, is not only a husband and a father to 4 amazing children, but he is also a Licensed Private Investigator. Allen has nearly two decades, 18 years of experience as a Licensed Private Investigator in California and Oregon.

Before Allen became a hired snoop, we was a auto mechanic and attending college to work in law enforcement. A work related car accident forced Allen to shift his career to the private sector. Attending a vocational school, he learned the general practices, laws and techniques to become a Private Investigator. Working many years under several Licensed Private Investigators, Allen successfully obtained his credentials as a Licensed Private Investigator, owning and operating, National Intelligence Group. 

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Mr. Horner / National Intelligence Group has become a highly sought Licensed Private Investigation Agency. His agency routinely works domestic cases, child custody cases, surveillances, bug sweeps, background checks, homicide case files, rape cases, assaults, harassments, & attempted homicide case files. 

Shortly after becoming a licensed investigator, Allen sought out to be a credentialed Bounty Hunter. After a decade of closing files and locking up fugitives, Allen is now one of very few Bounty Hunters with nationwide credibility and sought after. 

In recent years, Allen has branded himself to be The P.I. Man. With the help of colleagues, clients and Social Media, The P.I. Man is becoming a household name slowly but most certainly surely. 


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