Miami Rapper Lil Kalu is Mixing the Best Flavors of Hip-Hop into Captivating Arrangements

Lil Kalu

Miami Beach, Feb 10, 2019 ( – 17-years old hip-hop artist Lil Kalu, based out of Miami is taking musics evolution to a whole new level altogether. Hip-hop has always been one of the most influential genres across the world due to its rich history, the consequent rebellion and socio-political significance. That being the past, the new-wave themes of hip-hop is an experimentation of differential musical sounds, lyrical extravaganza and an undying zest for life. Lil Kalus newest single Xan Down by France puts together all the right elements of music into a boisterous melody. From the fluency in diction to its modulating tonal intricacies, this song is your stress buster after a long day. There is a certain flair in Xan Down by France that rings with what the audience likes to hear.

Lil Kalu may be young compared to his contemporaries but he comes with a full-fledged roll of musical intellect. Some of his other songs like Pull Up on your Bitch and Cannot Afford exemplify his genius as a musician of the present age. The themes that he picks for his songs are extremely relatable with audience emotions, making him an accomplished musician. With Xan Down by France, he has attained a new level of cultural effectiveness that has the capability of bringing the crowd together under similar interests in music.

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Lil Kalus popularity is growing by the minute and with every new song he drops, his fan base becomes bigger than ever. The way he is moving up the music charts of various audio platforms, he is surely going to get his big break as a global celebrity very soon. Be a part of this dynamic celebration of hip-hop by following Lil Kalu on his Instagram . And to listen to one of the most skillful bends of rap and hip-hop, follow Lil Kalu on Soundcloud right now.


Track ‘Xan Down by France’ :

Xan Down by France

Source :Lil Kalu

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