Rhythmic Creativity Shown by Mr. Exclusive in the Track T.A.W.T.S UNTAGGED is Impeccable

TAWTS UNTAGGED by Mr Exclusive

Atwater, Feb 11, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Fusion requires a creation level of professionality, a creative artistic mind and the right kind of balances between symphonies. Needless to say, not many artists are able to achieve this technique to perfection. But the artist Mr. Exclusive, who is otherwise known as Eric Acosta, is one of those few gifted individuals who create fusions with perfection. Being a multi-genre artist he incorporates elements of various genres into his tracks making them one of its kinds. Using his production house Exclusive Entertainment Records Mr. Exclusive bought forward the track T.A.W.T.S UNTAGGED for the audience.

The track T.A.W.T.S UNTAGGED though being based on the RnB and soul genre has elements of rap incorporated into it. The track has a strong storyline that listeners are bound to notice. The track begins worth guitar sounds and is followed by the groovy bass sound that instantly changes the ambience of the track. T.A.W.T.S UNTAGGED though begins with a delicate soundscape soon changes into sombre ambience. The deep voice of the artists enhances the intensity of the track. The soulful soundscape is based on the RnB genre however the lyrics of the track have been delivered in the hip-hop style.

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Apart from this, this California Music Artist  Mr. Exclusive is renowned for his other tracks like T.A.W.T.S, Drip forever UNTAGGED, mud kissing ft. $now the crow, drip forever and You. The cover of this newest track T.A.W.T.S UNTAGGED has the phrase Things arent always what they seem. The artist wants to send a message to his audience through his music. The fact that reality is very different from what we see is an actuality that we often forget. Mr. Exclusive motives his listeners to be prepared for whatever is to come in life and not to give up. He connects with the audience through his Facebook and Instagram account.

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