Rockstar A’vyzion Is Experimenting With the Best Flavors of Cultural Tunes in His Songs

Hip hop Singer Avyzion

Stockbridge, Feb 11, 2019 ( – Cultural appreciation of hip-hop is being redefined with some of the best influences across genres by hip-hop artist Avyzion. He harbors the multi-talents of a musician as a rapper, songwriter and producer. His newly released songs No Loyalty, Phase II and I Put On from his album Jaded captures the best essence of his life experiences that he has gathered during his time living in various parts of America. Although Avyzion hails from Gray, Indiana, he is presently based out of Wyoming. Avyzions sound is a collective blend of pop-synth, classical hip-hop and mellifluous freestyling, elements that come together to form a boisterous musical experience.

Avyzions sound has an effective ability to win the hearts of a larger range of audience. There is a sense of futuristic riffs as well as pop beats with the central genre idea of hip-hop. No Loyalty, Phase II and I Put On are some of the best examples of groovy tracks suited for every kind of mood. The free-flowing lyrics that resonate beautifully with equally melodious and nurtured compositions make for a timeless arrangement.

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Avyzion has been conceptualizing the rebellious edge of hip-hop into a fusion of varied emotional stances. His sound is the retro and classic 80s inspired electronic drum mix but with a contemporary sequence. The subtlety in pop-culture nostalgia and a global respite is what makes Avyzion stand out as a musician. Join him on his journey of dynamic distortions of amazing music and lyrics by following his work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify.

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