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Miami, Feb 11, 2019 ( – Luchi Blanco is known by the name Ayn Music in the music industry. He is one of the eminent rappers and his tracks have all the required elements of hip-hop and rap music. He composes music taking different incidents of life. His tracks are produced under Ambitious young niggass production house. The mellow yet intentional rap flow in the track BEEN AT IT surprises yet suits the mood of the music beautifully. There is also an authentic and humble tone of the voice that suits the mood of the track. The whole thing within Ayn Musics song rains down in an entrancing way.

Melody in the composition I Know by Hottest Haitain Rapper in Miami Ayn Music is well balanced with the rap and rhythm. The song sets out a vibe which holds the listener’s attention till the end. The soundscape within his track is subtle and allows the listeners to focus on the words, rhythm and delicate intensity of the track. All the required elements within the track are well balanced and impress the listeners in every way. The intensity within Ayn Musics track ‘Hope rises with the growing passion of his performance and the poetically outburst of the lyrics. The rap performance within the track fits beautifully within the upbeats and the energizing settings.

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The lyrics in the track Oh Lord by Ayn Music makes the song simple and it lingers mind of the listeners after listening to it once. The hook within Ayn Musics track starts to hit with striking impact. Some of his other tracks are Thursday, OUTRO, No More, PARANOID and many others. Tune to the popular music streaming site Soundcloud to listen to his songs.  You can even get more updates about Ayn Musics upcoming music and events simply by following him Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

For more tracks visit the given soundcloud link :

For more tracks visit the given soundcloud link : 

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