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RoShawn Eve  My God is Faithful CD Cover

Dallas, Feb 11, 2019 ( – RoShawn Eve with new single entitled My God is Faithful

Release date coming soon RoShawn Eve also known as The Voice  will bless us with her new single    My God is Faithful  this song will truly take you down memory lane and have you do a mental checklist of the miracles and many wonderful times that God has been faithful in your life and of others. 

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RoShawn Eves music production team has taken mere thoughts that were on a piece of paper and turned them into sweet melodies that fill your ears with joy and words that land into your mind and rest on your heart and soul.  To let you know that Gods words and actions are true.  

About RoShawn Eve 
Coming from Dallas, TX  RoShawn Eve is also a prolific and gifted songwriter who has traveled the world. And her visual descriptions and song creation are a hidden gem that many are still discovering. Experience the music and gift that God has enabled RoShawn Eve with, both through singing and songwriting, as she shares it with the world!
As a musical visionary who doesn’t just want to be a gospel artist, but an artist that sings the gospel. The distinction is important to her as an artist because while she loves to worship, she wants to encourage both believers in Christ, as well as encourage others to receive Him. Sometimes that requires stepping outside the “sound” of worship but never departing from the work of the kingdom through music.

RoShawn Eve is a versatile singer, fully capable to sing a powerhouse ballad like Whitney Houston, as well as embrace the emotional delivery of a Contemporary Christian anthem, achieve the technical mastery of a classical aria, or even capture the essence of Neo Soul. She has even been known to do all four at once.
Single will be available on all digital platforms
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