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New Delhi, Feb 14, 2019 ( – MillionCenters was born out of a simple realization – we give enough time to our job, career, financial stability and professions but don’t bother much about our interests, passions and hobbies. 

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A lot of people often find themselves losing interest and curiosity due to lack of learning resources – maybe they can’t find the right teacher or maybe they don’t find enough credibility in a class or academy. MillionCenters aims to bridge the gap between teachers and learners by providing an organized online platform to teach and learn.

The idea of building an online community came to the mind of one of our co-founder when he was unable to find a reputed and experienced language teacher. Seeing the problem, he decided to solve this gap by creating a network of verified professionals (teachers and centres) for people who want to learn a new hobby or a creative skill.  

We started this venture in 2016 and have grown since our inception to reach six cities where 10,000+ tutors and 8000+ learners are reaping benefits from our platform.

Finding the perfect tutor/trainer to match your need can be tough, especially as every person has their own learning curve and ability. 

When it comes to learning/teaching – one size doesn’t fit all and that is the problem we are solving with MillionCenters.

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Our aim is to keep building an online community that comprises of teachers and learners who are passionate about what they do. This way, both teachers and learners can easily contact each other to fit their needs.

The timing for MillionCenters couldn’t be any better – the market for learning and teaching is highly unorganized. Plus, due to the onset of automation, more professionals are prepared to learn a new skill or useful course. Also, as more people are pursuing their passions and interests as side-careers, the need for an organized platform to master a creative hobby or pursuit is here. 

MillionCenters is the bridge between teachers and learners and is backed by a strong community of authentic, verified people. 

We aim to diversify our product and platform to more cities in Tier 1 and Tier 2 areas. Further, we also aim to expand our technology, marketing and business development teams to strengthen our reach and presence. We have a mobile app coming soon that will further enable both teachers and learners to connect with each other through mobile.

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