The Weight of the Beat in The Wildfires Projekt’s Tracks is Brilliant

The Wildfires Projekt

Los Angeles, Feb 14, 2019 ( – The Wildfires Projekt is one of the well known alternative rock band. This band was founded by Johnny Zirkel whose main focus lies on the mental health awareness. He also founded the internationally recognized nonprofit, Reserve The Trend. He has helped to bring anti-bullying and suicide prevention programs to over 400 schools nationwide as well as Vans Warped Tour. He is a songwriter who has written numerous producers and artists including Matt Squire and Dirty Heads. The Wildfires Projekts music mainly belongs to Alternative Rock, Emo, and Pop Punk. Through a combination of music, outreach and nonprofit engagements strive to make a difference in the life of the people who are struggling with mental illness.

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The music in the track I Dont Hate You from the album Soul Tied by The Wildfires Projekt moves from quiet and spacious to vibrant and full, it fills the room with immense energy and power. The track I Dont Hate You has entrancing riffs and quickly captures the listeners affection for its fine balancing between the quick and mellow. The lyrics in the whole track Such a Wreck shines brightly throughout. Structurally each section in the track Such a Wreck from the album Soul Tied works really well towards holding the attention of the listeners until the very finish. The energy of the track is high and the recording allows the band The Wildfires Projekts strengths to really stand tall. You can get more updates about his upcoming songs simply by following them on Youtube and Instagram.

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I Dont Hate You

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