Versatile Music Duo GemNEye’s New Track ‘Pass Out’ Is Getting Fans Moving to the Beats

 Pass Out  by GemNEye

Pensacola, Feb 14, 2019 ( – Famed music duo GemNEye makes a grand debut in the music industry through a stunning newly released track named Pass Out. One of the artists is from Florida and the other is from Detroit and they have discovered each other in San Diego. They have truly mastered the hip hop and rap music genre. Apart from that, they have also worked with other music genres like R&B and R&B and soul music genres. They even own a production house named RaStudios. Their music is all about conveying their thoughts and ideas to their fans. If you are looking for some unique blends of hip hop and rap music, then you have come to the right place.

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This incredibly gifted and consummate music duo named GemNEye has appeared with a really intriguing approach to hip hop and rap music. Their new track Pass Out brings together note-worthy melody-line, intense story-telling, and surprisingly gentle soundscape. The confident and powerful vocal performances complement the underlying sentiments of each opening bar of the track. The flow of the rap verses and the style of delivery meet the needs of the most devoted music lovers and deliver a very gratifying music experience. This track takes you on an unforgettable musical journey.

The music lingers in the air and the dreamlike ambiance holds the attention of the audience throughout the whole thing. The beats and hooks by GemNEye are making the party animals lose control on the dance floor. The thoughts and concepts incorporated by the music duo, offer a lot of positivity and feel-good vibes to the fans. There is a definite sense of character and individuality in the lyricism of this track. The magnificent songwriting and the haunting musical backdrop set this track apart from all others. This music duo will get any music lover hooked and keep them coming back for more.

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