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Tbilisi, Feb 17, 2019 ( – Nowadays almost every service offers reward points for using them or buying products. This is an excellent strategy of converting customers from one-time customers to recurring ones. As almost every service has its own reward points now, it becomes difficult to keep track of all of them. Many people often forget about their reward points while transacting again and only recall them when they are already expired. To avoid this, you need to remember all the points, all the time, for which you will either need a meticulously kept journal or perhaps an eidetic memory. But dont worry, there exists a simple way that can help you to keep every reward point right on your phone in one single place so that you never forget and lose on rewards. Store Cards- Virtual wallet is a free mobile wallet app that can help you to store all your bonuses, points, vouchers, awards, rewards and store cards at one single place.

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Store Cards can help you save a lot of money by allowing you to use your points and benefits every time you shop. Whenever you plan to go shopping, open your cards barcode on your phone and ask the cashier to scan it and voila, you will receive your bonuses/points/rewards almost instantly. You will thus avail your saving with ease.

Store Cards is one of the rare shopping apps that allows you to keep your wallet cards, bonuses and vouchers all at one place. It is incredibly accessible and can be used everywhere. Store Card has lots of features including:

It supports Apple Watch, is iCloud enabled, is password protected, works offline, works without registration and you can export and import cards via WiFi. Additionally, the card can be shared using a standard iOS share procedure with WhatsApp or mail app. You can customize the look of the app according to your tastes. Up to 5 virtual wallets can be added & one can split the card between different wallets. The splitting can be done by categories or even by countries or any other criteria. One can easily move the card from one wallet to another with the help of a card editor. Also, the wallet can be switched from the top menu with the help of voice command. 

Along with the features mentioned above, there are various other features that make this reward app a feature-rich and an excellent app. You can search your templates as well as cards using voice commands and shortcuts. It has optical card recognition enabled, and the photos adjust themselves to the frame boundaries. While using Store loyalty card is childs play, if you still ever get stuck at some point the context-sensitive help section will solve all your problems immediately.

The app comes with templates databases from various popular nations including Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, France, Georgia, India, Italy, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and the United States. It supports Code 128, UPC-A / EAN-13, EPS-E and EAN-8, PDF 417, Aztec, QR Code, Interleaved 2 of 5, DataMatrix, Code 39 and Code 93. It features a standalone barcode scanner that can scan various barcodes, even if they are not related to cards. You are presented with different options when you scan a card.

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The shopping app has a straightforward and minimalistic interface so that anyone can use it with ease. It is incredibly light and wont take up a lot of space on your device.

So grab your iOS devices right now and download Store Cards shopping card right away!

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