Renowned Artist Cicero Presley’s Tracks Offer an Incredible Blend of R-B and Rap Music

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Hartford, Feb 22, 2019 ( – Cicero Presley is one of the reputed artists in the world of music. He started playing music since he was six years old. He started writing songs from nine years old. In his early high school days he picked up the bass and made beats in FL studio and presently he also plays guitar, ukulele and a bit of organ. He is a good composer and performer as well. His EP Guide to Romance is a collection of songs.  The tracks under this EP carry out the story of unrequited love in a different form. Cicero Presley got inspiration from Lil Wayne to compose rap music. By the end of 2019, he will release his debut album that showcases his production, songwriting and instrumental work.

Cicero Presley is a producer, vocalist, and instrumentalist based in CT and NY. He makes contemporary hip-hop and R&B music. Guide to Romance is the new EP from Cicero Presley and Miranda Finn which highlights both artists vocal skills and songwriting. The track Cicy, How Was Prom? is incredibly pure and impressive which fills the room. The passion with which they perform connects on a profound and heart-breaking level. His track PASSPORT is beautifully expressive and rhythmically uplifting. Cicero Presleys track has a brilliantly impressive melody which is quite refreshing and the instrumental set-up is amazing. The creativity in the track rains down throughout this EP is a genuine way. You can get more updates about his upcoming music and events by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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