Duo Corey – Garrett are Curating the Best Contemporary Melody Sagas with ‘Fuck It, I’ll TAKE IT!’


Kansas City, Feb 27, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Emotional and creative compatibility working together in formulating the best musical annotations of our times is what brothers Corey & Garrett aim to achieve through their sound. As hip-hop is treading the path of constructive modification and genre influenced soundscapes, many new artists are trying their hands at contemporary experiment. Commendable in every sense of the word, Corey & Garrett imbibes insightful allegories of the bigger picture called life. Their newest single, Fuck It, Ill TAKE IT! is a beautiful concoction of distinctive sound modulations and a lyrical drift of modern storytelling. Ranging between the extremities of happy and sad, Corey & Garrett have their sleeves filled with some of the most promising sound and lyrical mixes of the current music scene.

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These two brothers from Midwest has some of the most dedicated creative ideas in arranging their sound a compilation of rap and R&Bs undulating glory. Their chemistry as brothers reflects beautifully in their songs as a distinct flavor maker and a comfortable arena of similar music tastes. The emotional gradient in their songs is so varyingly radical that it forms the basis for a very original musical component. With Fuck It, Ill TAKE IT! they have reached the pinnacle of critical and commercial acclamation and a solid fan base. Apart from their incredible musical perceptions, they are currently working towards having a visual representation of their work.

Prior to Fuck It, Ill TAKE IT!, Corey & Garrett have also had their share of appreciation with songs like Grateful and Drip and now, they are on a mission to curate a brand new mixtape called Milestones. Taking their inspiration from some of the biggest names in the industry like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and others, their feat of musical excellence is truly magnificent. Follow their work on Facebook, Instagram. Corey & Garrett  has set excellen fan base on Soundcloud and YouTube to savor the spectrum of modern-day rap and R&Bs grandeur at its best.


Fuck It, I’ll TAKE IT! : https://soundcloud.com/cpedgped/fuck-it-ill-take-it-coreygarrett

Fuck It I

Source :Corey & Garrett

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