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Melbourne, Feb 27, 2019 ( – The thought and creativity in each and every field are growing all the time. Especially when it comes to advertising businesses use each and every manner of attracting their potential audience.

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Everyday advertising companies come up with something or the other through digital media marketing, through billboards, through hoardings that can leave an impact in the mind of the potential customers/clients of the business.

Advertising no more has a limited reach. It spreads itself as much as it wants. With digital campaigns and mobile advertising, it has increased its dimensions to almost 5 folds making the marketing much more optimum. Mobility in advertising has taken over the static methods of advertising.

With STT advertising one can get the most creative ways of advertising their brand and business. The company provides various mobile advertising. STT advertising is one of the most reliable advertising agencies in Sydney.

Following types of mobile advertising are effectively done by STT advertising:-

  • Scooter Advertising – Scooter advertising is one of the most dynamic and versatile ways of gaining the attention of the public. It becomes an extremely suitable way of advertising in city streets, heavy traffic spaces at the peak timings of traffic and outside big shopping malls.

This method of advertising also serves as an eco-friendly and also a cost-effective manner of advertising. Considering, that the scooter advertising is done effectively it can attract and impact a lot of potential customers in one go

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  • Mobile Billboards:– Mobile billboards most commonly known as Advertising trucks are a great and a much better way of creating an impact and reaching out a higher number of audience as compared to static billboards. Also, they are cost-effective. They can be of best impact on the peak traffic timings. They can create a great impact on branding through crowded places like shopping centres.  
  • Trailer Advertising: – With STT advertisings one of the best outdoor billboard companies offering trailer advertising in a very effective manner. The company offers billboard trailers that can hold 36 square meters of advertising space that is split into two panels. They can create a high impact campaign for your company and STT advertising is one of the best in providing trailer advertising is the most impactful manner.
  • Walking Billboards: – The walking billboards of STT advertising are highly creative. Their people would go wherever these walking billboards will give the maximum impact and also will reach out to maximum potential customers.

With a high level of interaction in this mode of advertisement, it creates a long term impact on the minds of the people who have viewed these walking billboards during their commute. With 0 transport cost and no fuel expenses, it becomes one of the most eco-friendly ways of advertising too.

  • MiniLites:– MiniLites by STT advertising- one of the most impactful outdoor billboard companies is another medium sized advertising billboard companies, smaller than truck billboards whilst bigger than scooter advertising method. This method of advertising adds a touch of class to your advertisement and thus creates an elite impact which is cost-effective at the same time.

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