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West Hollywood, Feb 28, 2019 ( – Currently, Allyson Brunetti works at InvestCloud in West Hollywood, California. She holds the position of Executive Vice President and Head of Client Delivery, which she earned after winning promotion from the senior manager a year ago.

Allyson studied at Elon University in North Carolina and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in corporate communications. While there, she spent time in London and helped with Elon Student Television.
In between her time at Elon University and her studies at the University of Connecticut, Allyson worked as line producer and production manager at numerous nationally syndicated television series with networks such as PBS, MTV, TLC, and many more.

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After her time working in the entertainment industry, Allyson occupied a variety of jobs in operations, the first of which was as operations associate at Cornerstone Quantitative Investment Group Allyson continued her impact on the business world at Sandton Capital Partners in New York City as a finance and operations associate. After three years in New York, she moved to Tennessee and took a job as director of fund operations at BPV Capital Management, where she was named Employee of the Year in 2014. She has lived in California and worked at InvestCloud since 2016.

Outside of the office, Allyson loves reading romance novels and watching soap operas. She also dedicates time to improving her physical health by playing tennis and golf and taking part in yoga and Pilates.

Allyson loves to travel. Since spending time in London in college, and she has been to Spain, Italy, and the Cayman Islands. She has also been to the Caribbean, where she enjoys scuba diving, another one of her hobbies.

Allyson cares deeply about charity. She donates to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals frequently, as well as being a part of the Junior League. Allyson admires Princess Diana because of her impact on furthering numerous humanitarian efforts.

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In 10 years, Allyson Brunetti hopes to be retired. She wants to continue travelling, specifically to Switzerland, Capri, and the South of France. She also wants to be married and start an animal shelter.

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