Massachusetts Couples Counseling Center To Host 2-Day Couples Therapy Training Featuring Dr. Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT

Boston, Feb 28, 2019 ( – From November 1st to November 2nd, 2019, the Northampton Center for Couples Therapy will be hosting a training titled Effects of Trauma on Relationships: A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy, which will be led by Dr. Stan Tatkin, Founder of the PACT Institute and develope

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The event, which is open to clinicians, couples therapists, and anyone interested in relational trauma and neurobiology, will be held at the Smith College Conference Center in Northampton. Attendees in the counseling profession will also gain 12 Continuing Education credits.

The cost to register is $275 before July 31st and $295 for those who register on or after August 1st. You can find more registration details on the Eventbrite page at the following link:

About the Training

A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® is a capacity model of social-emotional complexity based on infant and adult developmental neuroscience, attachment, and arousal regulation. One of the central tenets of PACT is the matter of interpersonal threat and the ease with which threat, as a psychobiological trespasser, can quickly lead to the dissolution of primary attachment relationships. The therapeutic goal of PACT is secure functioning, agreements between partners based on justice, fairness, and sensitivity. Secure functioning, however, can only be achieved through an understanding of threat and all its manifestations in all human relationships. This workshop will focus on the neurobiology of threat including its earliest beginnings in the infant/caregiver relationship. Insecure family cultures are breeding grounds for relational trauma. Early experiences of unresolved trauma/loss can evolve into disorganized patterning and neuroplastic alterations that can greatly affect secure functioning in adult partnerships.

The PACT methodology is highly strategic, emphasizing rigorous investigative techniques to help partners gain clarity and understanding. The PACT therapist tracks microexpressions, micromovements, and other somatic reactions during therapeutically-managed interpersonal stress. Interventions often entail strategically staged moments intended to manipulate arousal and elicit implicit memory. PACT training enables clinicians to discover and analyze psychobiological cues, or tells, and other bottom-up (implicit) processes that reveal what top-down (explicit) approaches cannot.

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 Learning Outcomes

 Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • List at least five characteristics of a secure-functioning relationship
  • Apply at least three interventions for moving couples toward secure functioning
  • Describe small t threat and identify it in session
  • Use at least three interview techniques for getting accurate information from each partner
  • Use at least three interventions for working with trauma victims in couple therapy
  • Employ therapist self-regulation techniques for remaining relaxed and alert when working with highly dysregulated couples
  • Describe brain areas involved in threat detection and appraisal
  • Describe brain areas involved in social-emotional acuity
  • Describe and define attachment organizations and their contribution to threat sensitivity
  • Describe and define arousal states commonly involved in threat behavior and response
  • Define and identify acting-out behaviors and a lack of therapeutic alliance
  • Use at least three interventions for dealing with acting-out behaviors

About Dr. Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT Dr. Stan Tatkin is a clinician, researcher, teacher, and developer of A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT). He has a clinical practice in Calabasas, CA, where he has specialized for the last 18 years in working with couples and individuals who wish to be in relationships. He and his wife, Tracey Boldemann-Tatkin, developed the PACT Institute for the purpose of training other psychotherapists to use this method in their clinical practice.


In addition, Dr Tatkin teaches and supervises first- through third-year family medicine residents at Kaiser Permanente, Woodland Hills, CA, and is an assistant clinical professor at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. He is on the board of directors of Lifespan Learning Institute and serves as a core member on Relationships First, a nonprofit organization founded by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.

About Northampton Center for Couples Therapy

The Northampton Center for Couples Therapy is the only practice in New England that specializes exclusively in treating couples. Their clients come from as far away as NYC, Boston, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and the Berkshires. Using some of the most well-researched, effective, and evidence-based models (such as EFT and the Gottman Method), they offer their clients care in stabilizing their relationships and having healthier families.

You can reach the center by phone at (413) 586-2300 or visit them online at

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