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Halifax, Feb 28, 2019 ( – Attitude of Altitude, Mindset of Happiness” podcasts by Recognize Your Potential are now available on multiple platforms including Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts and iTunes Desktop. Join Floria Aghdamimehr, as she shares her own special brand of positivity from almost four decades of research, analysis, and practice from around the globe every Wednesday! 

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Floria has developed a style of communicating and teaching others how to enrich their lives after several decades of intensive work, research and practicing Growth Mindset and Mindfulness. Florias mission is to connect and collaborate with those invested in positive leadership, workplace quality, improved communication, building trust, collaboration, harmony, and increased innovation. Enjoying the journey should not only be a metaphor, rather lived!

Together, Floria believes we can be on the leading edge of training, by transforming attitudes and attaining positive corporate culture. It is Florias personal passion to be the catalyst for that journey from information to transformation.

Recognize Your Potential offers training in Growth Mindset, Positive Leadership, Communicating for Success, Diversity and Inclusion, and Difficult Conversations Simplified. Floria builds strong engaged teams that invigorate the workplace through enhanced productivity and innovation!

For more information about Floria visit or contact Floria at 902-483-8400 or [email protected].


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