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Shenzhen, Mar 1, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – One of the best outdoor LED billboards is now available for purchase at BIBI LED. The Outdoor LED Billboard PRO, their latest product, is an excellent outdoor display screen that is well designed and very energy efficient. Their new design features easy installation, high color precision and flatness. And as mentioned, this outdoor LED billboard screen is a very energy efficient outdoor LED screen. It has a maximum power consumption of 800 W/m2 and an average of 250 W/m2. So, you will definitely save more money in the long run.

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Customer will also be treated to a plywood case packing upon purchase. This case will serve as protection for the LED screen when it is being shipped to your location. The best thing about this outdoor LED billboard screen is that it is a very versatile display screen and its performance is off the charts.

Benefits of Using The Outdoor LED Billboard PRO

Investing in an excellent LED billboard screen is an excellent move. Thats because it brings a lot to the table. Here are some of the benefits you will get when you use BIBI LEDs Outdoor LED Billboard PRO.

Easy to use – Outdoor LED screens are very easy to use. You can easily change the video that is shown by simply upload a new video to their memory or controller (like a computer). That means you can accommodate more clients in one LED screen.

Easily catches the attention of audiences – Probably the best benefit that an outdoor LED screen provides is that it is very eye-catching. It almost becomes a reflex action to look at what it has shown on an LED screen.

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Cost efficient – The technology used in outdoor led screens are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. That means you wont have to worry about an inflated electricity bill every month.

Customizable size – Outdoor LED display screens can be customized to any size that you prefer. By simply combining several LED panels, you can set the size of the display. That way, you will always have the right size of a display.

Improves profit – As mentioned above, you can easily switch what is being advertised on your LED screen. So if you make a business out of it, you can have several clients displaying their ad in one LED screen. That would not be possible in a fixed billboard.

Has other non-commercial uses – Outdoor LED screens can also be used to play movies in drive-in movie joints or vacation villages. They can also be used as LED walls in outdoor events.

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About Bibi LED
The headquarters of BIBI LED Co Ltd is in Shiyan Town, Bao’an district, Shenzhen, China. They believe that earnestness, strictness, initiative, and effectiveness, are very important in order to provide professional service to their customers worldwide.

If you have technical inquiries, you can talk to one of their engineers. That is part of their pre-sales service. They also provide all-round solutions for your projects and offer technical training as well. Their post-sales services include customized support, sending spare parts on time, online support, on-site repair, and a lot more.

BIBI LEDs commitment is to do everything they can to meet their customers requirements and needs. Their goal is to make sure there are mutual benefit and long-term cooperation. They believe that the quality of their products, the trust of their customers and the service of their professional team, will guarantee that anyone who chooses to partner with them will surely go further.

For more information about BIBI LED and their products, you can reach them through the following details:

Office number: +86 755-85288654

Whatsapp: +86 15399906913

Email: [email protected]


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