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Milly Boo

West Midlands, Mar 4, 2019 ( – Interactive childrens book about a beautiful, caring black cat, Milly Boo, currently available on Amazon

Milly Boo, which is the authors third book, is another interesting masterpiece from the popular author of childrens book, Fazilla Shujaat, where the writer talks about a beautiful and caring black cat that was maltreated by the people around her due to widespread superstition. The book is currently available on Amazon and is written to change the negative most people have about cats while also encouraging readers to treat all cats and pets the same irrespective of their color.

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Cats are one of the most loved pets across the globe. However, cats like many other animals are often discriminated based on their color, with black cats particularly believed to be evil. This misconception has led to many black cats receiving bad treatments from people around them, which sometimes lead to their death. This is where Fazilla is looking to change the narrative with her new book with the aim of changing the view of people starting from a young age.

The book is particularly great as it helps to give children and other such readers the right mindset about black cats, helping them to treat all cats equally as they grow. The 500-words book is a highly creative tale with an inspiring, positive ending, perfect for children between the ages of 6 and 9, especially those that are yet to learn to discriminate or hold biases.

The Kindle version of Milly Boo – The Good Luck Cat is available on Amazon for readers across the globe. 

About Fazilla Shujaat
Fazilla Shujaat is a childrens book author that is aiming to teach children life lessons in a rather subtle and interesting way. Some of her books include Tippy Boo, Dorby the Lost Elephant, and the recently released Milly Boo, all of which are available on Amazon.

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