Why Human Translation Is Still Better Than Machines

Sydney, Mar 6, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – The internet industry is quickly upgrading with AI technology improving and online translation tools becoming popular. But do machines translate documents correctly? The short answer is no, there is still a lot of semantic analysis that needs to be created to understand the meaning behind sentences and matching across multiple languages, but until that day comes we still need to use human professional translators with industry experience. Linguistico Australia explains further on how using humans are – still to this day – better translators than machines.

Everyone knows that Google Translate doesn’t quite get it right and literal translation doesn’t always push the true meaning behind a sentence. Using other platforms such as Contextual can also become confusing and time-consuming if you are translating a long document. Using internet applications are sometimes ok for translating a simple website for example, but document translation using an application for legal, government or medical purposes is not suitable, as much of the work is heavily nuanced or too important to trust to a machine.

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When it comes to providing documentation for medical purposes, court cases or even when applying for citizenship within Australia you are required to have documented not in English translated and signed by a NAATI certified human translator.

Linguistico offers document translation for specific industries such as medical, government (Australian) and for legal purposes. These translations are regularly undertaken and certified by a NAATI certified human translator and edited by a third party independent translator with the relevant industry experience. NAATI is the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. It is jointly owned by the nine governments of Australia and was set up in order to give some assurance of translation quality by means of examination and subsequent certification of translators and interpreters.

We don’t see machines taking all the work away from humans any time soon, particularly in the more specialised industries such as ours, but their impact, both positive and negative, cannot be denied.

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