Educator’s Debut Book Unravels Links between Spirituality, Science, and the Ancient Knowledge

Cosmic Connections Ancient Knowledge Meets Spiritual Science

Cheyenne, Mar 6, 2019 ( – Cheri St. Arnauld’s practical and thought-provoking book tells readers how understanding the science-spirituality connection and living aligned to the energy and frequency of all matter on Earth can make remarkable changes in one’s life.

“Cosmic Connections” is a unique look at spirituality and the links between ancient knowledge and science, the soul and nature, and living within the universal flow of life. The web of connections in the book is designed for practical application in today’s busy world.

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“Everything has energy around it, some good and some bad. The key is to build intuition to discern the difference and understanding how energies can impact health, the mind, and your spirit or consciousness. It affects our emotions and relationships with each other.  Free will is about being intentional with our thinking and living within this energy flow,” St. Arnauld said when asked about the book’s message.

The book has a five-star rating on Amazon. Sue B., one of the reviewers, said “The author provides enough information to raise your curiosity and encourages you to take a deeper dive by providing the references to do so. The author does a very credible job of tying science to spirituality such as energy in quantum physics and its ties to the energy in our bodies. Topics are introduced and discussed without bias or any push to “make” you believe any one point of view.”

“Cosmic Connections: Ancient Knowledge Meets Spiritual Science” will be featured in this year’s London Book Fair on March 12-14, 2019 in Olympia, London.

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Dr Cheri St. Arnauld is an academic, intuitive, and spiritual activist spending over 30 years in education when she left higher education to pursue soul work. She is an educator, life coach, and consultant currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. St. Arnauld is a regular speaker at workshops and conferences nationwide.

Cosmic Connections: Ancient Knowledge Meets Spiritual Science

Written by Dr Cheri St. Arnauld

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Hardback | $25.31

E-book | $3.99

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