Cryptocurrency is Projected alongside Technologically Engraved Systematization with CryptoRiyal

Singapore, Mar 11, 2019 ( – Iran’s attempts at hacking Smart Riyal Technology’s established inventory and flow of cryptocurrency intelligence has been abated under rigorous innovative insertions with some of the most avant-garde implementations of artificial intelligence in the extent of convenient business transactions.

Now, the intersection between Crypto Riyal currency and the Smart Riyal Artificial Intelligence platform have utilized the very objective of cryptocurrency in uplifting the financial territories of conglomerates across the globe with some of the most refined technological intricacies.

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This ongoing debacle of bigotry between Saudi’s brainchild and the Government of Iran to sabotage the financial glory in the field of cryptocurrency and mining has had its share of media attention for quite some time now. The CEO of Smart Riyal Technology Pte. Ltd, Bander Al’Otebi has been vocal about this difference of interest between the two countries and justified their authenticity as one of the most promising cryptocurrency ventures of recent times. Based out of Singapore and after extensive research and development for over two years, they have gathered the financial requirements and feasibility to actually launch their platform.

There has been substantial media coverage regarding Iran’s attempts at seizing Saudi’s technology but their financial aids in the spectrum of commercial and foreign exchange revenues have deliberated the process of launching their own rip-off cryptocurrency and associated platform.

This defamation by Iran, however, has no materializing future as Smart Riyal Technology Pte. Ltd has legally and officially maintained every prerequisite of a credible business administration. They are the exemplifiers of the most practical implementations in the scope of cryptocurrency that adjusts well with user benefits and virtual financing.

Smart Riyal Technology Pte. Ltd is the first of its kind from Saudi Arabia who has conceptualized the trails of artificial intelligence, virtual financing and data integration as a way of creating a versatile and feasible digital platform through cryptocurrency systematization. Their objective with their venture is to create a space for limitless transactional values with an edge of futuristic implementations in conceptualizing four smart cities. A visionary that is here to change the world dynamics of financing and collective ambiguity of business structures, Smart Riyal Technology Pte. Ltd is the future harbinger of modern transactional values under the global epitome of business and interactive analogies.

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