Start-up develops algorithm to land inexpensive business class flights direct to your inbox

London, Mar 11, 2019 ( – After experimenting with a multitude of algorithms and business models, thePointyEnd Ltd has found an innovative approach to making business class travel more accessible to the masses.

“We began as a mailing list for business class flight deals under £1000,” said Craig Lappin-Smith, co-founder of the company, “but we found this to be limiting the destinations we were able to send out”. Since then, thePointyEnd continually analyses the industry market to determine a rolling average price per destination. From there a deal price is calculated based on what would be considered fantastic value.

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Anytime their algorithm finds a deal beneath this determined threshold, it will be highlighted for manual review. From there it is checked for factors such as airline reputation, business class product, discount, stopovers, and availability. Priding themselves on not only value, but also quality, thePointyEnd promises business class flight deals having met the scrutiny of both man and machine.

The company aims to make luxury travel more accessible. Their mailing list sends out regular business class flight deals which include travel tips, airline information, example itineraries and booking links. thePointyEnd emails do well to explain not only the value of the journey, but also the destination, making them of real benefit to both novice and seasoned travellers alike.

Currently their free subscription includes deals originating from the UK for all airlines, with approximately 5 emails sent per week. A soon-to-launch premium subscription will provide priority emails and the ability to refine by Origin, Destination and Airline alliance.

Source :thePointyEnd Ltd

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