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New South Wales, Mar 10, 2019 ( – Long Distance Love is not always expressed in words. Sometimes your actions and gestures communicate in a way that makes it stronger and beautiful than ever. Moreover, when it is about expression love and care to your closed ones who lives in a distant land, the usual way of communication like phone calls, Skype or WhatsApp might keep you connected but makes a relationship very mechanical. To add a more authentic touch to this, Friendship Lamps available at is one amazing thing that can actually rebuild a relationship. No matter it’s an inspirable bond between two friends, The Tom and Jerry relationship between siblings, a mother and child bond or a romantic connection, Friendship lamps have the ability to make each other feel that there is someone who loves and misses you from the heart.

If you are wondering how a lamp can connect people living in a distant land, then you are in the right place. Friendship lamps are available are created with avant-garde mechanisms and lights up just with a touch. Because these lamps use Wi-Fi set up when one person touches their lamp, the lamp that is connected will light up at the same time.

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It’s not that you will not enjoy the perks of belonging to this technology-driven era. Especially, the internet technology has blurred the geographical boundaries and that even after living in two separate nations; you can easily get in touch with your loved ones. But the feeling of human touch is something that has not been sorted No matter your love is romantic, familial or platonic, when you realize that your loved one cannot be hugged or even touched, you certainly realize there is something missing. Friendship Lamps is an attempt to fill this gap.   It comes in the form of a long distance touch lamp that lights up whenever your closed ones think of you. With this amazing device, you will be able to send and receive communication from your near ones. The best part of it that you feel the sense of belonging with your partner.

Friendship Lamps are meticulously engineered. One of its USPs is that multiple lamps can be connected just with the touch of a hand each time you touch your lamp, your family’s or friends’ lamp will also light up in the specific color you have assigned. Its user-friendly features have further made it the first choice of the customers.  The three simple steps to connect are- plug-in, connect it through your personal group ID and get started.

Friendship Lamps offer shipping options in Australia and across the globe. The brand offers 100% quality assurance and has met all the industry standards. It is an easy gifting option as you can seamlessly purchase the products from their website. If you are worried about the package and delivery, the executives of Friendship Lams makes sure that their customer receives these lamps without minor damage or scratch. It is available in a wide range of hues and shades. So why not add some color to your life by lighting up your loved ones’ mood with this range of innovative Friendship Lamps.

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