The Depth Incorporated in ‘Told me’ by the Hip Hop Artist Joel Muss Stands Unparallel

Told me by Joel Muss

Wood, Mar 11, 2019 ( – The music genre hip-hop emerged as a medium of self-expression and the artist Joel muss kept the integrity of the track intact by using it as a medium of expression. He has been presenting versatile hits to the audience for quite some time now, it can be said that more than his name it is his music that defies him. The track ‘Told me‘ has an intensity that is unseen in many of the artist’s tracks. While many individuals let the passion of music fade away with the fame that hip-hop genre brings with it, Joel didn’t let it get to his head and kept his music as authentic as it can get.

Also, know as Joel Musser to his close friends and family, the artist takes his personal life experiences and imbibes them in his tracks. ‘Told me’ themes have git a personal touch to it and it can easily be said that the track is quite close to the artist. Joel wanted to share his experiences with the world through his compositions and ‘Told me’ does justice to this fact. The subject matter is deep and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But id the audience consists of members who have a thing for intense lyricism than ‘Told me’ is the perfect track for them.

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As an Independent Hip Hop Artist from Pennsylvania Joel Muss wants his presence to be felt by the world and the track ‘Told me’ has helped him, achieve that. The soundscape of the track is worth remembering until the end of time. Each beat in the track are in perfect synch with each other, but it is mostly the vocal delivery of Joel muss that stood out in the entire track. Creations like ‘Trouble’, ‘Had too’, and ‘Opps’ are some songs he is famous for. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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