For serious coin collectors only, a rare opportunity to acquire the ultimate 2 Pence piece

Henry III Unique two pence silver coin struck c 1247

London, Mar 12, 2019 ( – For those aspiring coin collectors seeking out rare finds in their change and with so much attention being paid to the worth of some rare 2 pence pieces, consider one coin which is perhaps the rarest 2 pence coin in existence.

Coincraft, one of the largest sources for coins, banknotes and many collector objects in the United Kingdom have announced they are now offering for sale one of the rarest coins ever minted. The coin, a silver double penny piece, minted during the reign of *King Henry III (reigned 1216 – 1272) is thought to be unique. More than 770 years old, it is believed to have been struck around 1247 as a pattern or test piece struck from ordinary penny dies of the time and not from ones specially prepared. There was no documentary authority for such a coin, and nothing else aside from its weight and slightly larger diameter would have distinguished it from an ordinary penny during the era.

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The front of the coin features a front-facing crowned image of Henry III with his sceptre surrounded with the text “HENRICUS REX III”. *Henry became king at the age of nine in 1216, and whose reign is the fifth longest in English history at 56 years, 19 days. The back of the coin shows a **long cross design, introduced onto ***silver penny pieces around 1247. The cross is surrounded with the inscription “WILLEM ON CANT” which identifies the minter’s name and mint location, Canterbury. 

This coin was known to have been offered at a Sotheby’s auction almost 100 years ago in 1920 when it was sold for the princely sum of £250 – equal to nearly £11,000 today according to the Bank of England’s inflation calculator. The historic silver piece weighs 43.8 grains of silver (2.83 grams) double that of an ordinary silver penny of that era with a diameter of 22.3 mm. and is graded Good Very Fine. It has traces of having been previously mounted, possibly to wear as jewelry and includes contemporary gilding on both sides. For the price of £24,500, you can own a piece of English numismatic history like no other coin. To view this coin, please log onto Coincraft’s website at

For additional information or images, please contact Michael Alexander, Firsthand Public Relations at +44 (0) 786 624 5773 or [email protected]      – – ENDS – –

*King Henry III (1207 – 1272), also known as Henry of Winchester, was King of England, Lord of Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine from 1216 until his death. He succeeded to the English throne at the age of nine upon the unexpected death of his father King John (1166 – 1216) He died in 1272 and was succeeded by his eldest son as King Edward I (1239 – 1307)

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**The long cross design actually had a practical purpose. When smaller denominations were unavailable, merchants would “clip” larger silver coins in half or in quarters. In the case of this exceptional coin, it could have provided four “halfpenny” pieces with greater accuracy – though “clipping” was greatly discouraged.

 ***Silver English pennies evolved from dividing the solidus, a Roman gold coin into twelve units as gold was so valuable that even the smallest coins had such great value. The earliest silver pennies were minted by King Offa of Mercia (r. 757 – 796). The last silver pence coins for general circulation were minted during the reign of King Charles II around 1660.

Notes for Editors:

Coincraft is located in their freehold premises at 45 Great Russell Street, just opposite the British Museum and have been at the same location since 1976. They currently handle about 40,000 collector’s orders annually.

Coincraft is a family-run and owned business founded in 1955, the management and staff look forward to celebrating 65 years in 2020. They are also one of the oldest coin firms in the UK.

Coincraft have positioned themselves as one of the largest sources for coins, banknotes and many collector objects in the United Kingdom

Coincraft have handled some of the country’s most important hoards of banknotes discovered. This included a rare stockpile of some of Italy’s first banknotes originally issued in 1746. A consignment of British Military currency notes was purchased by Coincraft weighing more than 15,000 Kilograms (33,000 pounds) and containing more than 17.5 million notes. This was the most expensive banknote lot ever purchased at auction, along with many other hoards over the years.

Did you know…

Coincraft have, on many occasions, supplied coins and banknotes for use in films and West-end theatre productions.

Coincraft commissioned their own series of medals and legal tender coins. The well-known “Lobel series” of crown size medals produced in 1972 that featured effigies of King Edward VIII. These medals are still sought-after as collector pieces by coin enthusiasts and many admirers of the King who abdicated in 1936.

Coincraft’s regular publication “The Phoenix” highlights coins, banknotes, and other collectibles currently on offer. The publication is released every three weeks but isn’t for sale on newsstands. Coincraft will gladly send you a copy free of charge on request. With over forty publications released annually, Coincraft are one of the country’s busiest coin firms.

There are currently 25 members of staff serving collectors. Three of Coincraft’s senior staff retired last year with a combined 95 years’ experience between them.

The beautiful silver medal which forms part of Coincraft’s logo was issued for the accession of King George I in 1714 and includes a beautiful effigy of the King. The reverse side depicts a setting sun along with the constellation of Leo – the zodiac sign of Coincraft’s Director Richard Lobel.

Coincraft and Richard Lobel have featured a total of 14 times in the Guinness Book of World Records when coin and banknote categories were included.

Coincraft once owned a partial set of the specimen coins struck during the reign of King Edward VIII before his abdication in 1936.

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